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I was going to pack and wrap some of my things, but found out that I ran out of Polyethylene Foam. So, I went to the nearest office supplies and bought a 15 meter roll of this, which I normally use for packaging.

    Polyethylene Foam sheets

Polyethylene Foam, also known as PE, is a strong resilient closed cell foam. Used for shock absorbing, vibration dampening, loose fill, and its most common use: cushioning products in packaging applications.

Found in all types of packaging, polyethylene is used to wrap furniture, computer components, electronics, sporting goods, plants, frozen foods, clothing, bowling balls, signs, metal products, and more. It comes in forms designed to minimize static or maximize thermal insulation, among dozens of other variants. The material is impervious to bacteria and mold and is tear-resistant. Polyethylene is among the cheapest of artificially fabricated materials, but not as cheap as most raw materials, as the polymerization process consumes energy. In addition, distribution costs are normal because polyethylene cannot be compressed much for shipping.

Cover your
           T O Y S UP

Yesterday, was the only free time I had for doing this so I just wrap and cover some of the few toyz I have. I know, ziplock bags or bubble film wrap would have been much easier to use, but I prefer using this kind of method. It’s a bit cumbersome to do, but for me, It’s definitely worth the trouble.

DC Direct Batman HUSH Huntress Figure

Batman HUSH Huntress cover with Polyethylene Foam

Added strap at the back to secure the folded flaps

Some white and semi-translucent Tracing Paper that I bought

White paper board Cut and Folded to make a box (no glue required)

Toys wrap and cover with white paper, paperboard and polyethylene foam

The paper I use on the Mazinger’s box is the semi-translucent and the box in front of him have a smooth polyethylene foam

Meet the rest of the gang. Toys in a (Box, Box with flaps and Carded) package using a mix-combo of polyethylene foam, white paper or paperboard to cover them

Transformers Encore 02 Megatron with white paper and wrap/seal with acid free platic. Sometimes I use a heat shrink wrap plastic cover


What The


Another one of my silly ideas and custom made accessories. This is usually accompanied by plastic wrap (optional). This is also use for opening the box flap with a bit of style.


Finally, got the SDCC 2011 G.I. Joe Zarana (regular pink)

Image of the SDCC 2011 Zarana carded figure in star case (front and back cover)

File Card:
Code Name: Zarana™
FILE NAME: Classified
BIRTHPLACE: Classified

ZARANA is an astounding mimic and a quick study. She’s also rude, tight-fisted and generally mean. She needs only moments of observation before she can assume a subject’s body language and voice characteristics down to the smallest detail. While her brother ZARTAN makes his impersonations work with exact physical resemblance, ZARANA becomes her subject going as far as trying to think like him or her.

“I wish there were two of you. Then I could knock your heads together and really get your attention.”