How to Open Boxes

Posted: August 13, 2011 in Collecting Tipz, ToyZ
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Hello, been doing this for a long time now. Thought, I’d share it with you guyz and hope you find it useful someday. Here’s how to do it and prevent creases, dents in the box flaps when opening.

The victim: SOP (Soul of Popynica) PX-01 Hover Pileder (wrap in a white thin piece of paper)

Get a ruler or any flat object and try to get inside the flaps and pry slowly, gently or flip the tip, corners of the box-flap out. The Box-flap will easily be open without a problem.

Do it on both sides of the flaps (optional).

Sorry, was a bit too lazy to get it from the toolbox kit that time so it didn’t get included at first.


  1. SEELE01 says:

    I use a box cutter. Sometimes the tab is stuck under the side flaps so I have to pry it out using the tip of the cutter, once it’s clear from the flap I use the length of the cutter like you do with the ruler.

  2. Zeorymer.Ω says:

    I know exactly what you mean, that’s why I have a small ruler with pliable flaps on the side, but this was modified to a 3 side rounded shape pliable flaps for a smoother glide when opening. Sorry, I was too lazy to post it co’z you need to do some modification. I just use a regular ruler for example and it’s more available.

    This is an old video of mine that I made years ago. the ruler has flaps on one side then later it was modified…

    Thanks for the input, bro!

  3. SEELE01 says:

    I somewhat gets the flaps on both sides, but what is the flap at the tip for?

  4. Zeorymer.Ω says:

    It function is almost the same, but in some situation I find it very useful. I often use the regular flat ruler not unless the Toy Package is somewhat tight and special to me. Thanks!

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