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Beam LED Light

Posted: July 20, 2012 in Random Post
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LED Light


LED Lighting: Finally, got my hands on these LED lights that slip thru your fingers. They’ve been out-of-stock for quite some time at the store I usually visit… Yesterday, was a lucky day for me. Yay! They have it restock and I ask the sales person for assistant and grab five sets of LED Lights immediately, each sets have different colors to choose from, namely green, blue, white and red; they also have an individual sliding button for ON/OFF switch. Also got it dirt cheap! 😀

I’ll be using this in some of my projects which I plan and had in mind. Such as, light source or light effects for small-scale tabletop photography and etc…



Test Shotz

Posted: July 13, 2012 in Random Post, Test Shotz
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Don’t know where and how should I classify this post since this is not from a “Random Shotz”. Random Shots are usually photos taken with a Digital-SLR and as to blog images/pictures were usually snapshots from my phone’s camera. However, I took this shotz with my Nikon D300 just to try and test on something, but I don’t feel like putting this up in any random shotz post. Something’s not…..

To make things easy, I’ll just classify this as Random Post. 😀

 Nikon D3100 

Photo taken with Nikon D300