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Hot Wheels Custom Diecast Cars

Here’s a 90% WIP (Work-In-Progress) custom modz Hot Wheels Ferrari F430 re-customize edition.


ADIDAS Duramo 5 (Footwear)

Bought this on the same day along with the other two shoes during the SALE event!

Adidas Duramo 5

Adidas Duramo 5 Men’s running shoe in original color

Adidas Duramo 5 – Looking at the side

Adidas Duramo 5 – Bottom sole

Adidas Duramo 5 – From rear angled view

Adidas Duramo 5

Adidas Duramo 5 – Tilted with acrylic as a base for reflection

Adidas Duramo 5 – Recolor version

FILA Fusion 001 (Footwear)

Bought this size 14 Fila running shoes during the 3-Days SALE event which happen last August. This is for my personal collection of Product Photography on a budget! You might say, It’s a Poor Man’s shoe photography.

As I’ve said earlier It’s on a budget… nothing fancy just a DSLR with a kit-lens mount on a tripod and as for the lighting, I use a 24watts and 15watts spiral bulb with an addition of pop-up flash from the camera plus a DIY modifiers.

FILA Fusion 001

FILA Fusion 001 in original color (Black and Neon Green)

FILA Fusion 001 – A repaint from the original color

FILA Fusion 001 – Inspired from the color scheme of FILA Venom FFX

FILA Fusion 001 – Done in purple/violet and black colors