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Hot Wheels Custom Diecast Cars

Here’s a 90% WIP (Work-In-Progress) custom modz Hot Wheels Ferrari F430 re-customize edition.


Recently, I bought a Double Sling Strap for my cameras. Got an awkward feel to it or should I say, I look like a dork in a kind of way… maybe I’m not use to carry two DSLR strap to my shoulders. Good thing about the double strap it can easily be converted to a single shoulder sling.


Hand Grip (custom made)

Since, I won’t be needing the neck strap from my Nikon and don’t want to spend another buck for a new hand grip. Why not make my own and use any available materials you have in your home.

But, first, why do I need one? Answer is simple, the Nikon D300 is a bit heavy compared to the Nikon D3100 which is more of a lightweight use plus when you attach the Nikon MB-D10 battery grip into Nikon D300 it adds another weight and might accidentally slip off from your hands during a photo shoot. As a preventive I have decided to make my own custom version.

What I need is a simple cable ties, Velcro, and a little creativity. Shortened your neck strap by simply doing an “S” shape loop then secure it with a cable ties at both ends. After that, attach the other end of the strap into your camera’s eyelet and then secure, do the same on the other end. Since the double sling strap is connected at the bottom of the camera which has a provision eyelet for hand grip use. Place and secure… now, there would be an excess strap left… “well, it depends on how you tie it to your camera anyway” It’s long enough to place under your wrist for added extra security. what’s left is stitch your Velcro at the end and your Done. That’s about it!

REVISION: I made few revision as of late last night. Added a strap adjuster slide… you can opted for this method which is less of a hassle instead of the Velcro that you have to stitch all the way (use alternately if you want). It’s up to you really on which one do you prefer the most. Anyways, they both work on the same as wrist strap.

NOTE: I shake my hand a little bit to see if the Velcro strap would come off easily.

Three years ago the Initial release of “Soul of Chogokin GX-45 Mazinger Z” originally came with the 35th Anniversary Care Set which includes a white handling gloves and cleaning cloth as a limited release.

Didn’t get the chance back then since I got mine (GX-45 Mazinger Z) a few months after the first release of the first few batches. By that time all stocks of the handling gloves and cloth were sold out and decided to give up, but after a few years didn’t expect that I would be fortunate enough to find it on the same store were I bought the Mazinger Toy.

Yeah, I know. It took me long enough to acquire this gloves and cleaning cloth. Even though got two sets I would probably not use this anyway… already have similar paraphernalia that I use for my toyz. Will probably put this up for display as part of my collections.