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Hot Wheels Custom Diecast Cars

Here’s a 90% WIP (Work-In-Progress) custom modz Hot Wheels Ferrari F430 re-customize edition.


Rubberband Gun

Posted: April 21, 2014 in Random Post, ToyZ, Unsorted
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Chopstick and Rubberband

This is just a quick update. Yesterday, I was bored and tired… probably due to exhaustion and the main cause would be Heat and LAZYNESS! YES! YES! and YES! LAZYNESS!! that must be it! that must be the reason why I’m so tired and lazy… (damn, it’s so hot in here!)

After having two piece of Mentos mint. I feel like I’m revitalized! should I grab a Coke then? heheheh… Anywayz, I have a two set of disposable chopstick (unused) lying around somewhere which I got from a Japanese Restaurant. Next step would be finding a few rubber bands…

Single Shot with adjustable length

Later… made into Semi-Automatic

Grab A Porsche

PETRON Promo — Grab a Porsche. Petron latest promo Grab a Porsche for every PHP1,000, Get a toy car! Toys with free remote that works on all 5 for PHP240 each and Toys with free racing decals for PHP180 each.

1. For every Php 1,000 single receipt purchase of Petron Blaze 100 Euro 4, Petron XCS Unleaded, Petron Xtra Advance, Petron Super Xtra, Petron Turbo Diesel or Petron Diesel Max AND presentation of Petron Value Card the customer is entitled to buy one (1) Porsche toy car for Php 180.00 (with decals) or Php 240.00 (includes a remote), VAT-inclusive at participating Petron stations nationwide.
2. Customers need to present the single receipt of the participating products to pump attendant. Receipt will be marked “redeemed” at the back.
3. If a receipt has been redeemed for the promo, any excess amount in the receipt shall be void and will not be used for the next redemption.
4. Porsche toy car can only be redeemed from the participating Petron station where the customer loaded fuel (same-site redemption only).
5. Lost or damaged original receipts will not be replaced or honored.
6. Promotion is valid for cash and credit transactions. Bulk, P.O. and wholesale transactions are not qualified.
7. Promo runs from November 1 to 30, 2013. Receipts from this promo period are valid for redemption.
8. Redemption period using valid receipts is until 60 days from the end of promo period only.

Petron: Porsche Carrera GT plus Petron Value Card

Petron: Porsche Carrera GT Unboxing

Petron: Porsche 918 Spyder

Petron: Porsche 911 GT3 RS

Petron: Porsche GT3 CUP

Petron: Porsche Cayman Race