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Posted: April 4, 2013 in PhotoyZ, ToyZ
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Deleted the old post and decided to make a fresh start of PhotoyZ (CollectiShotz and CollectiBox) I will post some random shots taken from my DSLR and Mobile Phone’s camera. It will be updated during my freetime, but will not post any notifications.

 PhotoyZ  Collectionz  PhotoyZ is a made-up word. It’s basically a photograph of your toy collections or you might call it “PhoTOYgraphy” but I like “PhotoyZ” better and it can also be (PhotoyZ — Photo by Zeorymer).

Mazinger Z — Soul of Chogokin GX-01R Mazinger Z release 2002 by Bandai. This was my first Soul of Chogokin diecast super robot toy. I like the heavy feel of it’s diecast content, this Mazinger toy has lots of accessories and cool gimmick!

Mazinger Z — Soul of Chogokin GX-01R Mazinger Z release 2002 by Bandai.

DX Wing Gundam 01 — 1995 (Japan ver.) by Bandai. No working electronic parts, but has a provision for the battery compartment. Made some custom bright green LED lights and added some panel lines for details.

Aegis — Chogokin Persona 3 2011 by Bandai. Is base on the role-playing video games which I haven’t seen or played. I Just loved the Aegis figure and like the diecast parts, the toy gives you a solid feel of durability and stability.

Porsche — from Petron Passion for Porsche Collectibles Limited Edition. 1:32 Porsche Cayman S regular color (RED) diecast car.

Porsche — from Petron Passion for Porsche Collectibles 80th Year Limited Edition. 1:32 Porsche Cayman S variant color (BLUE) diecast car.

Nami — S.H.Figuarts One Piece 2010 by Bandai. Nami is the navigator of the Straw Hat Pirates and a skilled cartographer from the anime hit One Piece. I Like this toyline of S.H.Figuarts for it’s good quality and articulation.

Manta — If your an 80’s kid you’ve probably remember this cartoon show MASK. V.E.N.O.M. (Vicious Evil Network of Mayhem) vehicle Manta with Vanessa Wafield (driver) 1987 by Kenner. The M.A.S.K. toyline ran from 1985 to 1988, releasing four official series through those years. Each series featured a group of common vehicles with the ability to transform into combat, armored vehicles. Most vehicles came with one or two drivers, and each character had a mask with a certain ability. Got this loose from a fellow collector.

ZERA — SPAWN Series 29: Evolutions 2006 by McFARLANE TOYS. A new angelic warrior. Feared not only by the armies of the Underworld, but also by her own kind. Zera may be the last best defense against those who seek to claim the throne of Heaven as their own. As a soldier for the forces of Light she will no doubt come into conflict with Spawn before all is said and done. (First appearance: Spawn #154)

EVIL-LYN — Masters of the Universe 2002 by Mattel. This figure is based on the 2002 He-Man and the Masters of the Universe reboot and I like this figure way more than the MOTU vintage version. She comes with a staff and a dagger and is a great addition to anyone who’s collecting He-man figures.

Jade — Elseworlds Series 2: Kingdom Come 2006 by DC Direct. Based on the art of Alex Ross! This action figure features multiple points of articulation and a display base. This Jade figure was the first PhotoyZ I made with my DSLR.

Cliffjumper — Transformers Movie Deluxe Class 2007 by Hasbro. Pretty much the same as TF Movie Bumblebee and with the same Camaro alt. mode, but only in red.

He Tie Shou (Teiran) — Revoltech SFO (Street Fighter Online) 2008 by Kaiyodo. At first, I was having trouble posing this figure, but once you got the hang of it on the revoltech joints on how they move, swivel and rotate. You’ll definitely gonna love it’s articulation and in no time you’ll do some amazing action pose yourself!

Getter Robo — Soul of Chogokin GX-06G1 Limted Getter Robo (Metallic) 2008 by Bandai. This was a 2008 SDCC (San Diego Comic-Con) exclusive release. It’s a redeco of the old SOC GX-06 Getter Robo and it comes with six interchangeable hands and two Getter “AXE” Tomahawk! This would have been great if they just included a base stand for this toy. 😦

SureFire — G.I. JOE 2001 by Hasbro. Sure Fire was released as part of the seventeenth series (2001), carded in a two-pack with Low-Light. It also came with a silver uzi, a black handgun, a black helmet, and a black figure stand.

Skywarp — Transformers Cybertron 2006 by Hasbro. This is a repaint of Thundercracker and they both have the Identical Cyber Key. Inserting the Cyber Key at the back will pop out a hidden missile rack behind his cockpit which also makes his left-arm in Robot Mode and a bit difficult to balance when doing some action pose.

Scorponok — Transformers Energon 2003 by Hasbro. It has three modes Hoverjet, Scorpion and Robot mode he’s more like a triple-changer transformers. Loved the electronic sound gimmick and launching missiles!.

Sailor Moon — S.H.Figuarts Sailor Moon 2013 by Bandai. The figurine is very poseable and about as flexible as you’d expect from a small figure. The winking and crying faceplate are exclusive to the first release and will not be included if this character is reissued at a later date.

Batman with Batcycle — Batman Begins Armored Speedbike Moto Armada Rev N’ Go! 2005 by Mattel. This Armored Speedbike is equipped with two missile launcher on side of the batcycle.

Shadow Fox — ZOIDS Shadow Fox 2000 by Tomy. This Kit is simple and easy to build even beginners will have no problems with the assembly. This Zoids figure kit have a solid feel with limited articulation, but plenty of cool gimmick tricks.