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My lonely haul at the Collecticon 2013 event. The second reissue from the Commemorative Series line of Transformers Generation One, Rodimus Prime release in 2011 by Hasbro.

…And also the S.H.Figuarts Sailor Moon figure that I’m waiting for has already arrived… 😀

Transformers Commemorative Series VII Rodimus Prime 2011 by Hasbro


TFU GeeWan Perceptor

Posted: November 22, 2011 in ToyZ, Transformers
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Transformers Universe 25th Commemorative Edition: PerCEPTor

Finally, it went on  SALE!  from PHP2,799.75 to PHP1,500. How can I resist when the price is being like that anyway. Sad thing, I just missed the chance getting the TFU G1 Insecticons at a sale price. I heard rumors that some Sales Rep. hide it on purpose for their contacts before they got the official memo. Anywayz, it was fun hunting them down.



Some few shotz of their Action Poses.

TFU G1 Perceptor in Robot Mode


TFU G1 Perceptor in Alternate Mode (Microscope)


TFU G1 Perceptor in Alternate Mode 2 (Tank mode)


Rear view of the Tank Mode of TFU G1 Perceptor


Close-up view of the TFU G1 Perceptor in Tank Mode

Made a quick snapshot of the front and back cover of Transformers Vault: The Complete Transformers Universe Showcasing Rare Collectibles and Memorabilia by Pablo Hidalgo.

Transformers: Vault (Front Cover)

Transformers: Vault (Back Cover)

Transformers: Vault (Front)

Transformers: Vault (Back)

I was a bit of a hurry when I took these photos. So, there’s only a pictures of the front/back of hardcover and the book itself. Here’s a link of a good review on what’s inside.