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Three years ago the Initial release of “Soul of Chogokin GX-45 Mazinger Z” originally came with the 35th Anniversary Care Set which includes a white handling gloves and cleaning cloth as a limited release.

Didn’t get the chance back then since I got mine (GX-45 Mazinger Z) a few months after the first release of the first few batches. By that time all stocks of the handling gloves and cloth were sold out and decided to give up, but after a few years didn’t expect that I would be fortunate enough to find it on the same store were I bought the Mazinger Toy.

Yeah, I know. It took me long enough to acquire this gloves and cleaning cloth. Even though got two sets I would probably not use this anyway… already have similar paraphernalia that I use for my toyz. Will probably put this up for display as part of my collections.


How to Open Boxes

Posted: August 13, 2011 in Collecting Tipz, ToyZ
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Hello, been doing this for a long time now. Thought, I’d share it with you guyz and hope you find it useful someday. Here’s how to do it and prevent creases, dents in the box flaps when opening.

The victim: SOP (Soul of Popynica) PX-01 Hover Pileder (wrap in a white thin piece of paper)

Get a ruler or any flat object and try to get inside the flaps and pry slowly, gently or flip the tip, corners of the box-flap out. The Box-flap will easily be open without a problem.

Do it on both sides of the flaps (optional).

Sorry, was a bit too lazy to get it from the toolbox kit that time so it didn’t get included at first.


Removing Price Tag

Posted: August 11, 2011 in Collecting Tipz, ToyZ
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Removing Price Tag

In my personal experienced. I use a hair dryer to soften the adhesive from the price tag, it works perfectly fine in removing any price tag and it’s also good to removed package tape. Those clear tapes used on the side flaps of the box where you open the toy. I also used my custom made “sticker lifter” aka My Price Tag Remover in removing unwanted stickers, price tag, and clear tape.

Any credit card or similar pliable materials will suffice. Once you have your (expired/unused) credit card in your hands. We can now begin converting it to a pocket size, wallet size portable price tag remover by simply sanding the edge and corners into a diagonal position or a 45 degree angle. Make sure it’s NOT a sharp like blade knife edge, co’z it might ruin the art-design and package.

Use it in a swinging motion (chemical free! no need to use any Goo Gone products that might harm your boxed/carded toys)

This sample image is for demo purpose only.