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TFU GeeWan Perceptor

Posted: November 22, 2011 in ToyZ, Transformers
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Transformers Universe 25th Commemorative Edition: PerCEPTor

Finally, it went on  SALE!  from PHP2,799.75 to PHP1,500. How can I resist when the price is being like that anyway. Sad thing, I just missed the chance getting the TFU G1 Insecticons at a sale price. I heard rumors that some Sales Rep. hide it on purpose for their contacts before they got the official memo. Anywayz, it was fun hunting them down.



Some few shotz of their Action Poses.

TFU G1 Perceptor in Robot Mode


TFU G1 Perceptor in Alternate Mode (Microscope)


TFU G1 Perceptor in Alternate Mode 2 (Tank mode)


Rear view of the Tank Mode of TFU G1 Perceptor


Close-up view of the TFU G1 Perceptor in Tank Mode


Finally, got the SDCC 2011 G.I. Joe Zarana (regular pink)

Image of the SDCC 2011 Zarana carded figure in star case (front and back cover)

File Card:
Code Name: Zarana™
FILE NAME: Classified
BIRTHPLACE: Classified

ZARANA is an astounding mimic and a quick study. She’s also rude, tight-fisted and generally mean. She needs only moments of observation before she can assume a subject’s body language and voice characteristics down to the smallest detail. While her brother ZARTAN makes his impersonations work with exact physical resemblance, ZARANA becomes her subject going as far as trying to think like him or her.

“I wish there were two of you. Then I could knock your heads together and really get your attention.”


Most of my toys are kept either in MISB/MIB or MOSC/MOC. I seldom open them up for display, but this time I gave in and suddenly have the crave to open Elita-One (scout class) from Transformers The Movie toyline and took some quick snapshot.

Transformers Movie: Elita-One (scout class)