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Rubberband Gun

Posted: April 21, 2014 in Random Post, ToyZ, Unsorted
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Chopstick and Rubberband

This is just a quick update. Yesterday, I was bored and tired… probably due to exhaustion and the main cause would be Heat and LAZYNESS! YES! YES! and YES! LAZYNESS!! that must be it! that must be the reason why I’m so tired and lazy… (damn, it’s so hot in here!)

After having two piece of Mentos mint. I feel like I’m revitalized! should I grab a Coke then? heheheh… Anywayz, I have a two set of disposable chopstick (unused) lying around somewhere which I got from a Japanese Restaurant. Next step would be finding a few rubber bands…

Single Shot with adjustable length

Later… made into Semi-Automatic