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Test Shotz

Posted: September 29, 2013 in Random Post, Test Shotz
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Here’s a quick shots I took with my Nikon D3100 DSLR camera using EVA Blitz as an off-camera flash.


Kodak MAX 400 35mm Film (crop)

Nikomat FT SLR Film Camera (with Post-Processing)


Last week, have bought this cheap old and used EVA Blitz DM-40G Flash with Bracket for less than 1k. This is good for 35mm film SLR camera with PC sync cord as the only way to connect to your camera’s body and I was told that it uses a high voltage that might damage digital camera. My Nikon D300 have a PC sync port and according to manual the maximum sync voltage allowed “Negative voltages or voltages over 250 V applied to the accessory shoe could not only prevent normal operation, but damage the sync circuitry of the camera or flash.” I don’t have my multimeter with me right now as how to measure the EVA Blitz voltage trigger. I’m using a remote flash to trigger the unit and it says the PC sync port has a higher sync voltage.

I kind of like this flash unit aside from being cheap co’z It has a much brighter output that my Nikon or Yongnuo Flashes. It only have two options for power output a HI and LO settings, but It’s good enough for me to serve as a cheap alternative to my key light.

EVA Blitz DM-40G Flash

Nikon D7000 with Remote Flash and EVA Blitz DM-40G Flash & Bracket

Test Shotz

Posted: September 21, 2013 in Random Post, Test Shotz
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I really like this Nikon D7000 than the Nikon D300. It’s light and compact, much lighter and smaller than the D300. Sample test shots from Nikon D7000 using an 18-55mm kit lens with little post-processing on the white balance, levels and curves adjustments.

 Nikon DSLR 

Nikon D3100 with Nikon DX AF-S NIKKOR 35mm f/1.8G Prime Lens