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Random Shotz

Posted: December 20, 2011 in Random Shotz

Labas tayo bago mag GABI…

WHAT?!?! Today, I decided to change the title for a bit to make it something different from the usual. I guess, I went overboard…

Camera: Nikon D3100 ISO Speed Ratings: 100 Exposure Time: 1/1250 sec Aperture: f/8 Focal Length: 195 mm Flash: Not Fired


Camera: Nikon D3100 ISO Speed Ratings: 3200 Exposure Time: 1/30 sec Aperture: f/4 Focal Length: 70 mm Flash: Not Fired


Teela’s Fake White Box

Recently, I just bought few pieces of Bristol Board (6ply) for a custom project I’m planning to do. Since most of my MOTU 2002 figures are in a zip-lock plastic bag, I decided to have one place in a custom white box.

Added a printed custom water slide decals, Just two decals is enough for me.


A Poor Man's Fake White Box (To keep away from dust)

Test Shotz

Posted: December 8, 2011 in Random Post
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Sample test shots using the SIGMA lens

I’m just trying to take a better shot with the Sigma lens using the Normal and Macro mode. The Normal mode works in 70-300mm and the Macro mode can only be switch-on if your settings is in 200mm and above. I’m still learning on how to take better pictures.

DC Direct Kingdom Come - Jade (Macro mode)


DC Direct Kingdom Come - Jade (Normal mode)


Batman with Batcycle (Macro mode)